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PPMA Services are comprised of value-based IT security resources that are individually evaluated, chosen and based on the specific needs of each client.  We provide the design, integration, implementation and support based on the evaluation of each client security needs and compliance requirements. Our offerings represent mission critical and best of breed products and services which deliver key IT data security and compliance related solutions to clients in the financial services, healthcare, education, government and non-profit markets. You can depend on the IT Security Resources from PPMA.  Your Data Security and Compliance Solutions Partner.



PPMA can provide Penetration Testing as a product or service. Pentesting on your network provides a significant additional level of security protection.We can provide an evaluation of your “secure network” to confirm that it is safe, or we will advise you (and document in a report) of some hidden vulnerabilities that may have been overlooked. We find vulnerabilities in your network automatically instead of manually.

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Communications Infrastructure


With our support, you are always connected whether in the office, in the car or at home.  Your communication collaboration will always be secure and seamless with either audio or video. We can also provide network a No-Charge assessment to evaluate your existing infrastructure and then make recommendations for increasing your communications reliability and decreasing your cost.

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Lan / Wan Security


If you are in the IT business, you are pushed in all directions at once. We can provide capabilities to support you in protecting your infrastructure. One of the way’s we can help is in patch management which is always a time sync. What if we were able to automate that process as well as increasing the security level of your network?  Would this be helpful to you?

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