Pen-testing for next Generation

What are we leaving for the next generation of security professionals? PPM Associates (PPMA) is a pentesting supplier and asks a very relevant question:  the attack surfaces of corporate networks is constantly growing: be it digitization, hybrid environments, cloud migration dynamics or just the resources necessary need to ensure the security of the network. We have […]

The Best and Safest Access to the Web/Cloud

PPM Associates (PPMA) security expert Marc Javel gives us his take on the twelve U.S. law firms recently were hit with ransomware attacks. For a ransomware attack to be successful, the victim must pay a high ransom. So, the attacker finds a critical service or sensitive data stored somewhere within the firm’s network community by […]

Security software Company delivers a suite of services: Heimdal Security

I had the pleasure to implement the installation of our new product: Heimdal securities in a legal office environment. In a saturated market with a lot of competitors, why use Heimdal vs another. It is a suite of products that provide turnkey solutions. Three integrated products: Thor Foresight, Thor Vigilance, Software asset, and Patch management […]