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Pen-testing for next Generation

What are we leaving for the next generation of security professionals?

PPM Associates (PPMA) is a pentesting supplier and asks a very relevant question:  the attack surfaces of corporate networks is constantly growing: be it digitization, hybrid environments, cloud migration dynamics or just the resources necessary need to ensure the security of the network. We have a choice – our inheritance could be cyber security debt (i.e. an assembly of computer networks without the ability to monitor, track, audit and control the policy enforcement) or an automated security operation that drives constant improvement. To achieve this control is through automation and not through increased headcount.

Heavy lies the crown (burden) of regulations and compliance in the lap of the CISO who must keep his network within the regulations of PCI-DSS, HIPPA, CCPA, GDPR, just to name a few. They are charged to make sure that the network business operations run securely without too much security and authentication friction. The gap between resources and responsibility is hitting an all-time high for the CISO – a role that has grown for more than one person, but now falls into the lop of one. The CISO head is on the chopping block whenever a major “breach” occurs.

Let’s face it; you can’t stop a breach you don’t see. In the last five years, there’s been a 67% increase in security breaches. As a result, CISO’s and their security teams must proactively constantly search through their environment to detect, isolate and correct threats that evade existing security solutions.

While most security tools allow you to hunt based on an indicator of compromise, we all know attackers build malware to live in the shadows. Therefor the mission of the security team is to actively uncover the behaviors of compromise and vulnerabilities, rather than just the indicators.

It is now time for the automation of penetration testing operations. A time when one platform runs the penetration testing with a few clicks of the keyboard keys and hides all of the complexity and inter-tool information passing. Now is the time for a solution that anyone can use continuously to conduct a week’s worth of a pen-test in one hour.

That solution is PenTera™ from Pcysys – a cost effective and complete automated software penetration testing platform. PPMA offers a line of security products and services for running PenTera. In these days of heightened corporate network vulnerability and more dependency on cloud services, it is essential that penetration testing of the corporate network be performed periodically. Our team of security specialists preforms these of services. We have the capability of evaluating network vulnerabilities, create reports in a timely and informed manner that shows your network strengths and weaknesses. Included with these services, is the ability to quickly focus on the remediation – correction – of your most vulnerable issues.

The result: you will obtain a cost effective, clear and timely view of your network security posture.

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