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PPM Associates (PPMA) security expert Marc Javel gives us his take on the twelve U.S. law firms recently were hit with ransomware attacks.

For a ransomware attack to be successful, the victim must pay a high ransom. So, the attacker finds a critical service or sensitive data stored somewhere within the firm’s network community by hacking it. When entry into the network community is achieved, then a ransom is demanded. The time involved is short, and the attacks are frequent; the hacker is relentless.

As recent cyber history reports, this event is happening with increased frequency as 2020 continues; even in today’s pandemic hysteria.

Legal firms provide such critical services and collect sensitive client data. If the attacker chooses 1000 such targets and is successful in penetrating 100 firms (i.e. 10%), even if only half of the firms pay the ransom, that would be considered a very successful campaign. For a $50,000 ransom demand, the attacker makes a cool $250,000, even if only five pay.

The PPM Associates, Inc. (PPMA) approach to solving and protecting their clients from these crippling experiences is multi-faceted. Our line card is full of powerful deterrents.

For example, PPMA offers a complete line of security products and services for network, enterprise and cloud communities. Our core products are:

FatPipe Networks – provides the high levels of network optimization

Sophos Endpoint Security – hardware and software protection hardware/software solutions

Heimdal Security – patch management, exploit & dropper blocking &virus protectionservices

Pcysys – cost effective and complete automated software penetration testing platform

Intermedia Unite – a cloud-based unified communication and collaboration platform.

Penetration testing, in these days of heightened vulnerability and dependency on cloud services, is essential for significantly increasing the security of a network community; and it must be performed periodically. 

Our team of security specialists performs automated penetration testing with complete package of services. We have the capability of evaluating your network vulnerabilities so that you may obtain a timely and informed view of your network strengths and weaknesses. Included with these services, is the ability to quickly focus on the remediation – correction – of your most vulnerable issues.

The result: you will obtain a cost effective, clear and timely view of your network security posture.

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