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Security software Company delivers a suite of services: Heimdal Security

I had the pleasure to implement the installation of our new product:

Heimdal securities in a legal office environment.

In a saturated market with a lot of competitors, why use Heimdal vs another.

  • It is a suite of products that provide turnkey solutions.

Three integrated products:

Thor Foresight, Thor Vigilance, Software asset, and Patch management

The products complement each other and should be combined in order to offer maximum system and network protection

  • Thor Foresight

This engine is structured into 3 features:

  • DarkLayer Guard
  • VectorN Detection
  • X-points Resilience

The average user needs to defend himself from advanced malware techniques employed by cybercriminals.

Thor Foresight embeds everything a system needs to prevent an infection before it happens. It filters malicious traffic, it updates 3rd party apps thus minimizing exploitation risks and it identifies the computers that may have been compromised by attackers, also reporting this to the centralized management system. The protection is proactive, reliable, scalable and consists of three active modules: DarkLayer Guard, VectorN Detection and “X-ploit” Resilience

  • Thor Vigilance

Thor Vigilance is the reactive protection side of our product suite. It is the next-gen antivirus solution that reacts to infected files found on the system. It complements the Thor Foresight product module to offer all-around protection. It offers a centralized management interface across all the devices

  • X-points Resilience

Software Asset  and Patch Management

With X-Ploit Resilience, you can see and manage your software inventory and, at the same time, achieve

preemptive vulnerability management. This scalable, flexible and intuitive tool can handle both Microsoft and

3rd party software on-the-fly, from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule.

Vulnerability management is automated, providing actionable reports for risk management.


  • The rollout is highly customizable, via simple install with a link sent via email to the customer, with a secondary mail including a license key
  • The delivery of the product is also very scalable, since you may configure Active directory and GPO in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Full suite components


Four new services will be activated:

  • Heimdal Antivirus,
  • Heimdal Client Host,
  • Heimdal DarkLayer Guard and
  • Heimdal Uptime Checker, all of them set to Automatic


  • Customization via Policies tailored to the customer.
  • Web interface access for a location anywhere, as long you can connect to the internet.

Managing patches

Why is it important?

All software has vulnerabilities, they can be used to gain access to your computers for malicious reasons. Patching or updating these packages provide substantial additional security, to minimize threats to your computer and by extension your network. Heimdal provides automated patch management, as part of the overall package.

  • Important process, Automated patching system, reviews the software products or applications, in the computer.
  • Monitoring and updates automatically of vulnerabilities to the application packages.
  • Also Managing Microsoft patches via Heimdal security

This feature alone is well worth the price of the overall product.

Reports and Training

Reports – for Client

In-depth reporting is provided as an integrated benefit of this package.

As: list 5 or 6 detailed reports provided.

All are custom scheduled,

Timely reports- for MSP and Clients to enable Quarterly Updates

In Conclusion,

Heimdal security, brings to the table, a design following security rules concepts that prescribe the layering principle.

in addition to the standard Anti-virus and Anti-spam found in the industry, it enables the option to manage and itemize Computer assets, Hardware, and applications.

It allows the potential to keep track of software updates whether 3rd party or Microsoft based.

It adds features that one can only find in a heavier environment with numerous devices, and many costly solutions such as WSUS and SCCM.

One cannot describe all the intricacies of the software until he or she starts experimenting with it. The vendor allows 30 days trial for free, and PPMA is here to help.

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